The state of development.

Hello, everyone. Unfortunately, we bring sad news today.

We've come to a collective decision to temporarily freeze the development of the game. We're sad and outraged as much as you are, but there were reasons for it:
-Some of our vital team members couldn't continue working on the game, primarily because of several life opportunities and the necessity of personal growth.
-The scope of the game was too big. It's something that we've underestimated and which is a common thing, that quickly makes the whole game shatter if other problems start to pile up.
-We, unfortunately, couldn't get enough programmers to realize what we've had in mind for the game. Not only that, but our only active programmer was hired by an indie-dev studio, largely thanks to GDMR, which in turn harmed the game.

However, we need to clarify that this is not a cancellation of the game. At one point we plan to come back and continue developing the game. On the other hand, we may never even do so.
For everyone who had their dreams crushed - we are deeply sorry. Please understand our situation.

Until we meet again


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Grand Dad Mania devs after life woke up: 

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Siivagunner came back from the dead before, you can too. I can wait.


Don't lose hope! If it got revived once, it can be revived twice!


man that really sucks. this shows so much promise and i hope that we aren't putting too much pressure on you guys. 


That's a real shame. It was shaping up nicely. Best of luck with your future endeavours. Any plans to release the current build or is it too rough to play?