A Brief Look At The Upcoming Physics Rework

Gee, it sure is dusty around here... My boy, this peace is what true programmers strive for

All versions of Grand Dad Mania up until version 0.4.0 used the Box2D physics system. This engine is not intended for a retro-styled platformer like GDM- collisions are not accurate, and a lot of parts are "pre-coded". We need a more precise and minimalist system: as such, we've been working on a new one for a while and we're ready to officially announce it.

Starting from version 0.5.0, the game will utilize a brand new physics system called GPE- Grand Physics Engine for short. (Yeah, Koly isn't very good when it comes to names...) (Oh, shut up, Kyun.)

It's a generic physics engine with full raycast-based collisions, ensuring flawless and fast processing for entities such. No more characters stuck on ground and fake verticies, no more "soft-coded" gap clearings and no more bumps while sliding - we've got it perfect (I think).

A higher quality experience is inbound. Stay tuned for version 0.5.0 and SAGE. This summer is going to be a grand one!

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